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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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128                      THE FATE OF MAN

depends the fate of the world and that of man.
It cannot be an abstract form, retirement from
the world and from mankind: it must be a
form of spiritual effort exerted over man and
the world, labour for man and the world. It
cannot permit human slavery to cosmic or social
and technical forces. It calls man to a kingly
role, and to creative work in the world. The
new Christian man does not curse the world,
neither does he condemn and anathematize the
possessed and idolatrous. He shares the suffer-
ing of the world, bears in his body the tragedy
of man. He strives to bring the liberating,
spiritual element into all of human life. A per-
sonality which is strengthened and supported
spiritually, cannot permit the powers of the world
to divide its forces, can never permit itself to
be possessed by demonic powers. Such a per-
sonality is not isolated and shut in upon itself,
it is accessible to all universal meaning and open
to all super-personal values.

This presents a very complex spiritual problem
of relationship between the personal and the
supet-personal, a problem of personality entering
into communal relationships, which is something
quite other than personality becoming non-
personal. The new piety is the road not only
ftom the world and man to God, but the reverse,
from God to man, descent as well as ascent,